Projects We Support

Executive Director Robert Horse Encourages Native Youth To Avoid Justice Issues


All Relations United Executive Director Robert Horse grew up facing many of the issues and challenges that  Native youth are facing today.  

He successfully hosted and led events to support youth in South Dakota in 2018. Under his guidance and leadership, All Relations United is expanding its work to communities in New Mexico and around the country to reach as many kids as we can and help to save the future for this next generation.

We believe that by providing the necessary support especially involving our communities and creating mentorship programs for at risk youth, we can slow if not altogether stop the current pipeline of school to prison. The future of our youth should not be prison cells.

Native American Prisoner Caucus-Unifying Native and non-Native peoples who are incarcerated


Promoting Unity Among All Native and Non-Native Prisoners

Supporting Native Prison Circles with 

culture, spiriturality, sobriety and ceremonies.

Native American Prisoner Caucus also supports those who are struggling to follow the "Red Road," and to eventurally reintegrate back into their communities and to build successful lives. 

NAPCUS supports cultural activites and traditional teachings within the prisons which provide Native inmates with a sense of identity, contributing to  successful reentry back into their communities. In our Indigenous core system, punishment for a crime is healing for everyone. 

Fam First Fathers Against Meth. Advocating for an Addiction-Free World for our communities


All Relations United sponsors Fam First Fathers Against Meth. We support an addiction-free world for all youth and peoples.

All Relations United believes that all peoples, native and non-native deserve to have the support and addiction-free communities that they need to create successful lives.

Addiction is driving incarceration rates and becoming intergenerational. The future homes  of our youth and people should not be prison cells.

Our ancestors struggled to create a good world for this generation. Let us continue on this path to create better for future generations

Sustainable Energy


All Relations United is working with  a company that is creating environmentally clean   energy through the use of solar panels that are 60% more effective than current ones, to bring affordable and sustainable energy to reservation homes.

Ensuring Clean Water


We are working with  a chemistry professor to provide clean water to our communities through the use of pellets utilized  in water systems to absorb radiation. 

Healthy Food Sources


We support clean agricultural practices that supply healthy food sources. We promote community gardens and educational programs to teach people good dietary practices. 

Supporting people, culture and relatives

At Risk Youth


All Relations United is establishing a mentorship program for our youth as well as  providing education and pathways to healing from trauma to create better lives. At our most recent event "Together We Strive We Woke," students from the Pine Ridge and Ihanktonwan Yankton Sioux 

Reservations shared their experiences of   losing an 11 year old classmate to suicide last year.

Juvenile Justice


Youth are still developing, so as a result society treats kids and adults differently in several contexts, such as driving and serving in the military. Yet in the criminal justice system, children are treated as adults.

We are working to dismantle the school to prison pipeline as well as supporting an end to excessive sentences and extreme punishments. It  is important to protecting young people in the juvenile justice system.

Language Revitalization


All Relations United is working to preserve and revitalize Native languages. Each language is  symbolic of the culture from which it originated. Many words and expressions cannot be translated. Preserving language is preserving the unique expression of a people and a way of life.

Helping Disabled Individuals


All Relations United supports the disabled community. Recently we helped a handicapped man in Las Cruces to obtain a service dog. Lilly is a great asset to him as well as a faithful companion and has made his daily life much easier.

Safety and Freedom for a Journalist


We helped Palestinian journalist Mohammed Tareq Asfour whose life was endangered for truthful reporting to receive the necessary support and assistance to emigrate to a country where he is now able to live in safety and freedom.

Saving Our Relatives


Meet Queen, a former racehorse headed to the slaughter house in Oklahoma. 

All Relations United contributed towards a new home for Queen. She now spends her days in a pasture in New Mexico cared for by a loving family.together for our common good.