Sacred inipi Healing

The Inipi heals the physical, mental and spiritual


Since the sweat ceremony is intended as a spiritual reunion with the Creator and a respectful connection to the earth itself as much as it is meant for purging toxins out of the body, it effectively contributes to healing on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Executive Director Robert Horse Stands Waiting is leading the Inipi Reentry Program


All Relations United's Executive Director is Oglala Lakota. He is a spiritual leader and will be leading the Inipi Reentry Program including the sweat lodge ceremonies. He follows the tradition and design of Black Elk pertaining to the Inipi ceremony. 

We are strengthening individuals to heal their lives


Addiction is an imbalance of mind, body and spirit. The sweat lodge is modeled after a mother's womb and symbolizes rebirth. As such it represents new life for those who are seeking full recovery from addiction and past traumas.

We provide opportunities to heal for those reentering our communities


Everyone deserves a second chance, especially those who have been marginalized in our society, oftentimes as a result of discriminatory practices. The Inipi helps individuals to experience our interconnectedness and to use it to bring healing into their lives and subsequently their communities.

The Sweat Lodge provides a spiritual and cultural connection for youth


We are utilizing cultural, spiritual, ecological and traditional healing practices as well as self-realization to reach our youth and to encourage them to stay away from drugs, stay in school and to follow the Red Road. The  Inipi also provides physical healing for youth already experiencing addiction.

We offer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder healing for veterans and others


Our veterans and others suffering from post traumatic stress disorder find that after sometimes twenty or thirty years of suffering, the Inipi reintegrates one's heart and soul, providing long sought after and permanent healing.