All Relations United

Board of Directors


EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: ROBERT HORSE - Oglala Lakota from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Our Executive Director faced many of the challenges that All Relations United is addressing, as a youth. Besides his experience, in depth knowledge and understanding, he also holds two paralegal certifications and is a writer, grantwriter and advocate

MANAGING DIRECTOR: LORELEI MARIE - Taught second language students and adults from various foreign countries. Did volunteer work at a Native-run domestic abuse shelter in South Dakota and at a homeless shelter in New Mexico. Our Managing Director is also a  writer, grant writer  and advocate.

BRYAN BREWER - Past Tribal Council President of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  Current President of the Oglala Lakota Schools.   Founder of the Lakota Nation Invitational Basketball Tournament.  In the past 41 years, the Lakota Nation Invitational has grown to become an institution and celebration of Native youth.

BILL MEANS - Founder of the International Indian Treaty Council and currently President of the Board. During his 9 years as Executive Director, he was responsible for the establishment of a system for documenting human rights violations against Indians. He is Co-founder of the U.N. Working Group on Indigenous Populations and an expert on U.S. & Indian Treaty relations.

RITA MEANS -  Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council member.  A longtime  advocate of fair sentencing and equal treatment for Native prisoners in  South Dakota. Her husband Ted Means was a prison reform supporter. Rita’s  mother was Doris Leader Charge, a Lakota language professor from  Mission who appeared in the movie “Dances With Wolves” as the wife of  Chief Ten Bears.

TRIA BLUE WAKPA -  Teaches interdisciplinary and community-engaged  courses at public, private, tribal, and carceral institutions including  UC Berkeley, San Diego State University, University of San Francisco,  Sinte Gleska University, and San Quentin State Prison. She received her  Ph.D. and M.A. in ethnic studies from UC Berkeley and an M.F.A. in  creative writing from San Diego State University. 

ANDY SKADBERG-  Former Faculty (university) at Exogeny Center. Former Assistant Research Scientist at Texas A&M University, Vice President for Research, Former Founder,  Chief Knowledge Officer at Advent GX.Inc.  He also taught business, economics and English at Universidad del Tolima.

DAN DAVISON -   Finance Director for Toyota Canada and Bank Executive.  His vision and passion is to practically implement as many business and social entities globally with design and structures that empower all of humanity with ultimate regard for the equality of the soul and respect for the earth.  Dan feels there is no price too large to pay to help the noble cause of making a difference.