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Inipi Reentry

Community Reinvestment

Together We Strive


All  Relations United Inipi Reentry Program is addressing prevention, addiction recovery and reentry services for our youth and others including helping formerly incarcerated  individuals, veterans and others suffering from PTSD,  successfully reintegrate back into our communities.

Our objectives are to eliminate dependency on the use of addictive  substances while  promoting  a positive self-image and  building confidence . 

We provide clients the necessary vocational,  intellectual and  communicative skills for successful integration back  into society.

 Our Programs'  Components Include:

*Youth Empowerment

* Addiction Counseling

* Health and Wellness Programs

* Spiritual Leaders

* Talking Circles

* Sweat Lodges

*Traditional Indigenous Activities

*Individual Counseling

*Employment Development and Training

*Adult education opportunities

* Community Transition Housing

* Outreach Programs

* Follow-up Evaluations      


We also support cultural activities and traditional teachings within the prisons providing inmates with a sense of identity, contributing to successful reentry back into their communities.

In our Indigenous core system, punishment for a crime is healing for everyone.       

Together We Strive

Community Reinvestment

Together We Strive


All Relations United invests in our youth. We address the root causes of issues, especially juvenile justice issues, implementing solutions that work to enable our young  people  to  live good lives. 

These include staying away from addiction, remaining in school and getting good educations leading to productive lives, reinvestment in our communities and  becoming contributing members of society. 

 The Native American community is particularly impacted by substance  abuse and alcoholism, with some of the highest rates of any ethnic  group. Native American youth are especially vulnerable to developing patterns  of drug and alcohol use at early ages. Our programs give youth alternatives to developing life-long  substance abuse issues.

  We help those with justice involvement issues  rebuild  their lives through innovative services and advocacy. 

American Indian and Alaskan Native (AI/AN) youth face unique challenges  when they come into contact with the juvenile justice system. They may be prosecuted in three distinct justice  systems: federal, state, or tribal, and are subject to transfer to adult  court within any of these systems. 

We address key factors driving suicide and  support youth in  healing from trauma. The numbers of Native youth taking their own lives is dramatically increasing. The current rate is more than  three times the national average, and up to 10 times the average on some  reservations.  

Community Reinvestment

Community Reinvestment

Community Reinvestment


Our community is where we go to heal. In order to grow our communities we must invest in them. Giving back strengthens our homes and our people. Together we will heal. Together we will win.  

All Relations United is proactive in creating solutions that not only work but which lead to systemic change. This includes  getting safe, drinkable water free of uranium poisoning and heavy metals, as well as solar energy to reservation homes. 

We are working with one of our Board members who is an Industrial Engineer on ways to improve infrastructure on reservations.

We are addressing poverty, addiction and health issues. We incorporate historical understanding, as well as cultural and language preservation as a means of instilling pride and self-confidence in the family structure. We emphasize healthy living and teach individuals how to make positive lifestyle choices.

 We utilize a holistic approach to bring about self-healing, self-determination and strong communities, meaning the whole person is treated. We educate individuals on the importance of good nutrition and how it effects physical and mental health. 

One of our primary objectives is to encourage and provide the means for people to enjoy healthy lifestyles with  the understanding of how this relates to long-term mental and physical health. As support we provide a community of concerned people working together to help themselves and each other.

Community Reinvestment