Who We Support

Native American Prisoner Caucus


Promoting Unity Among All Native and Non-Native Prisoners. Supporting Native Prison Circles with  culture, spiriturality, sobriety and ceremonies. 

 Native American Prisoner Caucus  supports those who are struggling to follow the "Red Road," and to eventually reintegrate back into their communities and  build successful lives.  

 Native American Prisoner Caucus also  supports cultural activities and traditional teachings within the prisons providing Native inmates with a sense of identity, contributing to  successful reentry back into their communities.

 In our Indigenous core system, punishment for a crime is healing for everyone.  

El Calvario Church


All Relations United is helping our indigenous  brothers and sisters mostly from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua who are suffering  persecution from gangs, drugs, addiction, extortion and extreme poverty in their homelands.

We are assisting El Calvario United Methodist Church in Las Cruces which is providing food, water, shelter and sanctuary.

Our Executive Director recently obtained a freezer and fifty cases of water which All Relations United donated to El Calvario. He also welcomed and did a blessing ceremony for new arrivals.

Our Managing Director volunteers her services daily to assist with processing, travel packages, meals and in whatever capacity may be needed. 

Cruces Creatives


 All Relations United supports Cruces Creatives which is a non-profit makerspace. 

It is committed to fostering economic development, furthering education, supporting the arts, protecting the environment, strengthening social connections, and advancing science and technology. 

It is located  in Dona Ana County, New Mexico.

Cruces Creatives connects people with the tools, training, and community to make practically anything.

Cruces Creatives provides education along with tools for the public to use. It integrates tools, space and human skills for projects that promote economic development, protect the environment and enhance quality of life.


People reentering our communities after incarceration

Our Inipi Reentry Program helped Henry Red Cloud.


By being released on bond, Henry now has the opportunity to make positive changes in his life including working and attending school.

He is grateful for the opportunity to build his life in a positive and meaningful way, which he would not have been able to do while still incarcerated.

All Relations United supports Henry in following the Red Road. He is an example to others who are reentering society after incarceration.

We also helped Robert Ponce post bond, and to receive much needed support


All Relations United's Inipi Reentry Program also assisted Robert Ponce who had been incarcerated for 15 years since the age of 17 to post bond after a relapse landed him back in jail.  A former gang member, he is now set to begin studies at National American University in Rapid City, South Dakota. 

Robert will also be a future speaker at All Relations United's events.

Please see the following letter that he wrote to us.

A letter from Robert Ponce


"I'm writing to thank All Relations United for giving me this bond so I may have a new start and a fresh opportunity at life. I am currently attending school at NAU (National American University). I am an ex-gang member looking to begin a new life and putting all ties to my former gang  and criminal life behind me. I have kids  who look up to me and need me in their lives. I want to use my experiences  to speak to young kids about the negative consequences of the gang lifestyle and to tell them that it's never too late to change your life.  I want to give back to the community in a positive manner by being an advocate, and to use this bond in a good way to build a better life for my kids and my loved ones."

Most people who are unable to meet bail fall within the poorest third of society.


People in jail are even poorer than people in prison and are drastically poorer than their non-incarcerated counterparts. Oftentimes their families are struggling as well,  making posting bail all but impossible in most cases. Detaining those who cannot pay perpetuates the cycle of incarceration and limits successful reintegration back into society.

Jason Nightpipe and Floyd Bowman are also building new lives thanks to our Inipi Reentry Program.


Jason Nightpipe is an enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. He is choosing to follow the teachings of the elders, using traditional wisdom to begin a new chapter in his life.

All Relations United's Inipi Reentry Program is supporting Jason and Floyd in rebuilding their lives and following the Red Road.   

Money bond perpetuates a cycle of poverty and jail time


One reason that the unconvicted population in the U.S. is so large is because our country largely has a system of money bail, in which the constitutional principle of innocent until proven guilty only really applies to the well off. 

Justices should be equally assessible for all citiizens in our country.