Past Events

"Together We Strive, We Woke"


All Relations United sponsored a youth event called "Together We Strive, We  Woke," on June 1st, 2018 at the the Best Western Ramkota Inn in Rapid city.  

The focus was on youth overcoming obstacles in life, offering hope,  utilizing education to create brighter futures, obtaining real life skills,  striving to improve thinking, and being woke (to be made aware). 

Youth groups from across South Dakota including Pine Ridge, Cheyenne River  and Yankton Sioux reservations, attended the event along with state and  tribal leaders, state and tribal law enforcement, and other organizations.  

Connecting our Communities Event


All Relations United sponsored an event called, "Connecting Communities Across South Dakota," on March 23, 2018 at the Ramkota Inn in Rapid  City. 

We brought together state and tribal leaders,  law enforcement , politicians and organizations from across South Dakota to bring awareness to and collaborate on problems affecting our communities.


State and Tribal leaders including Senator Billy Sutton, Retired  Senator James Bradford, Oglala Tribal Vice President Darla Black,  and Cheyenne River Tribal Police Officer Joe Brings Plenty attended along with supporting organizations. 

Second Anti-Meth Rally-Men's Prison


All Relations United through Fam First Fathers Against Meth sponsored an anti-meth rally on June 1st, 2018 at the men's prison in Springfield, South Dakota.

The anti-meth rally was attended by inmates, state representatives and Department of Corrections officials. 

Additional outside speakers participated including supportive organizations from around the state. 

The goal was "to prepare guys that are getting out real soon, get them prepared, open their minds, open their hearts, their spirit and hope that they can make that change we all seek," in the words of our Executive Director.

Anti-Meth Rally-Women's Prison


All Relations United sponsored another anti-meth rally at the women's prison in Pierre, South Dakota.

According to the Department of Corrections about 62 percent of the 500 women incarcerated at the women's prison in Pierre are there because of drug related offenses.

Several women inmates participated in the event and shared their stories of the events leading to their addiction  issues and eventual incarceration, Even though some will never be released to the outside world, they advocated for a greater good for others.

Speakers and organizations from the surrounding areas also took part in the rally.       

Anti-Meth Rally at the Men's Prison


All Relations United sponsored a second  event at Mike Durfee State Prison in Springfield. It was attended by inmates, state representatives and Department of Corrections officials and supportive outside organizations.      

The objective was to educate the next generations of youth and to encourage incarcerated people to stand strong against meth and those on the outside to get out there and combat meth in their neighborhoods and communities. 

About 50 inmates attended the rally along with outside speakers and organizations, to talk about and bring about solutions to break the cycle of addiction not only in rural communities, but particularly on  Native American reservations.

Other Events


All Relations United has also sponsored educational events, speaking engagements, luncheons and radio interviews in both New Mexico and South Dakota.

We strive to educate people on the challenges Native American communities are facing in the United States.

At the same time we are reaching our youth and others, especially those most disenfranchised by incarceration, addiction and poverty.

We provide support and alternative paths for individuals to create successful lives.